(Video) From the Easter Jeep Safari to the New York Auto Show – Here Are The Best New Cars You Can Buy Soon!

Yes, Tommy and Nathan (sort of) talk about the Suzuki Samurai in this podcast!

WARNING! This episode of TFL Talking Cars has material that may (or may not) benefit your relationship – if you have a project car.

Yes, we do talk about the Easter Jeep Safari and the New York Auto Show in this podcast. Oddly, Tommy is full of mischief when he corners Nathan with an unusual question. It was unexpected, and the answer(s) kept revolving around the podcast. Still, Tommy and Nathan managed to also talk about vehicle debuts at the 2022 New York Auto Show.

On top of that, they summarized the amazing prototypes they drove at the 2022 Easter Jeep Safari.

Andre and Alex attended the 2022 New York Auto Show while Roman, Tommy and Nathan attended the Easter Jeep Safari. They usually happen at about the same time, and we try to cover all bases. Oddly, some of the Jeep reveals happened in New York, as opposed to Moab. In the past, they would attempt a double-reveal at the same time.

… then – Tommy came at Nathan with a shotgun-load of off-the-wall questions.

It was obvious that Tommy was sitting on the first question for a while. You could almost see him burst when it finally came time to ask Nathan. To paraphrase, a fan wanted to know how Nathan managed to get his wife to agree with his purchase, and build of a 1987 Suzuki Samurai. It was more about the relationship than the vehicle, and Tommy reveled in Nathan’s awkwardness.

The other off-the-wall question came from Tommy himself as he experienced the pain of a full bladder, while being stuck in Rocky Mountain traffic. Indeed, there are only a few ways to “go” under the circumstances. Nevertheless, the questions were all answered with sincerity.

Most viewers seemed amused by this episode, so there’s no telling what Tommy has planned the next time he gets Nathan in the studio.