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Our Editorial Mission

“From the very first second we boot up the computer our goal is to bring you the latest automotive news, views and reviews with unflinching honestly, transparency, and credibility.”


We welcome all comments good or bad, however any comments with profanity and/or swear words will be immediately deleted. If you can’t be civil and respectful…we have zero interest in your opinion.


We love cars and everything automotive. When we publish reviews we critique cars in several different ways:

  1. Often first impressions are the most honest. Our “Mashup Reviews” are just that – mashups that compare two (or more) similar or especially different cars.
  2. “Driven/First Drive video reviews” are a more comprehensive look at the car and represent the driving impressions gathered over a week or several hours spent driving it.
  3. And of course we also “review” cars using the tried and true method of putting electronic type on our blog for your reading pleasure.

Reprinting our work

Every-so-often people and publishers ask to reprint or rebroadcast something we’ve written or produced. If you are in doing so, just send us an email to and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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