Video Podcast: Check Out 2023’s Best Cars at the Denver Auto Show

The Denver Auto Show runs through April 16

For a smaller, regional show, the 2023 Denver Auto Show is surprisingly well laid out.

The 2023 Denver Auto Show, which is running through this weekend, has returned indoors after switching to an outdoor layout during the pandemic. Among the hundreds of automobiles on display, a few automakers are offering test drives inside the convention center. You read that correctly, a few automakers have their EVs on the floor, with a circuit set up for folks to test them out. Or, if you’d prefer a more conventional test drive, you can take other vehicles out on the streets in Downtown Denver.

The size of the show has dropped a bit, and a majority of that has to do with fewer automakers with offerings on display. Most of the German brands are a no-show, but that’s not much of a surprise. They have pulled out of a majority of auto shows in the United States. One automaker that doesn’t make sense is Subaru. They have no vehicles on display, despite the Rocky Mountain Region being one of their biggest markets. Curious.

On the other hand, displays from Toyota, Kia, Hyundai and Honda were well appointed. General Motors, Ford and Stellantis have some prime vehicles on display as well. I was especially impressed by the Mustang Dark Horse on display, along with a few Corvettes. Not a common sight in Denver. There were many other automakers on display as well.

Exotic vehicles, and SEMA display projects are on hand, including a jet powered Smart Car. No joke.

The 2023 Denver Auto Show is located at the Colorado Convention Center, 700 14th Street – Denver, CO 80202.


  • Adults – Age 13 and above: $16.00
  • Children – Age 6 to 12: $8.00
  • Children under 5: Free

In this video, Romand and I walk around the show offering highlights on the new vehicles. The show is a lot of fun for the whole family!