TFL Launches ‘TFLtalk’ —Our New YouTube Podcast Channel

Following and finding your favorite car and truck podcast is now easier!

All our truck, car, and offroad podcasts, now in one place, TFLtalk!

To make it easier for you fans of TFL to find the video versions of our podcasts Talkin’ Cars and Talkin’ Trucks, we launched a new YouTube channel, TFLtalk. This week, we kicked it off with our vote for the 2020 Car of the Year, culled from our top four picks: the Land Rover Defender, the Chevrolet Corvette C8, the Tesla Model Y, and the Ford Bronco:

To date, we’ve had seat time in the Defender, Corvette, and Model Y (which we own). Few people on Earth have been in the Ford Bronco, but as Tommy and Roman explain, we’ve seen enough in the past month since its reveal to make us believers in its capability against the benchmark, the Jeep Wrangler. To see which of their picks wins car of the year, click on the video above.

TFLtalk podcast channel