Does the Ford GT Digital Gauge Cluster Video Confirm 216 MPH Top Speed?

2017 2018 ford gt

Ford released a video featuring the new digital gauge cluster on the Ford GT supercar. Naturally, the configurable digital display is very cool. When the driver selects between the five available driving modes: Normal, Wet, Sport, Track, and V-Max (Top Speed); different information is highlighted on the display.

The video demonstrates the different modes and gauge configurations, but it also shows the images for height-adjustable suspension, as well as the 216 MPH speed reading. 216 MPH maximum speed for the Ford GT is significantly above previous rumors and predictions that pegged the car just above the 200 MPH mark.

Ford also says, that other Ford vehicles will be getting their own versions of the digital gauge display in the near future. No specific models or timeframes were given.

Check out this video from Ford for a close look at the digital gauge cluster.