Yikes! The Insanely Quick Hummer EV Is Getting Even More Expensive

If you were planning on reserving a Hummer EV, you might want to do so before end of business today. GMC announced a $6,250 price hike to base MSRP going into effect tomorrow. Current reservation holders for the EV*3 tri-motor trim now have the option of choosing their options before placing their orders shortly. The aforementioned trim currently sits at $99,995 base MSRP. The “price of commodity parts, technology and logistics” is GM’s reasoning for the price hike.

We’ve seen similar price hikes on all kinds of vehicles lately, particularly desirable EVs. While today’s news shouldn’t shock anyone in the current economy, it does stretch an already expensive vehicle into the stratosphere of what most buyers can reasonably afford. Orders made today probably won’t be fulfilled until 2024 with current production schedules.

What’s new with this 9,000 pound beast?

There’s now an “Extreme Offroad Package“, a few new paint options, and a 24-module battery pack that should enable 0-60 mph runs in 3 seconds flat. There are currently over 77,500 reservations across the truck and SUV configurations of the Hummer according to GMC.

We here at TFL ordered a Hummer EV pickup option early on and are expecting to receive ours in several weeks’ time. When Andre had the chance to drive one in April, he was as amazed at the fast acceleration as he was horrified by the 9,200 pound mass of the supersized, electric truck. When we get our order in for testing, we’ll be sure to take it off-road and fill you in on the ownership experience.