I Was SUPER Surprised: The All New Acura Integra Is WAY More Than Just A Rebadged Civic!

Images: TFLcar

It may be related to the Honda Civic Si, but Tommy thinks the new Acura Integra the cat’s meow and the bee’s knees…

Tommy wants you to know that the all-new Acura Integra is a swell car. Sure, the kid uses euphemisms, slang and outerwear from the 1980s, but the first Integra also came from the 80s. Now in its fifth generation, the Integra is seeking a slightly more mature audience over the original.

“The 2023 Acura Integra is serving the same role in the lineup as the original model that helped launch the brand three decades ago by bringing in the next generation of driving enthusiast. With its engaging driving character, flexible five-door liftback body style and advanced technology and features, the Integra will welcome a host of new buyers to the Acura brand.”

Emile Korkor, Assistant Vice President, Acura National Sales
Tommy rocking out to the “Hotel California” album in the 2023 Acura Integra.

Power comes from a 200-horsepower, 1.5-liter, (VTEC) four-cylinder engine. It makes 192 lbs-feet @ 1800 rpm, and sounds pretty aggressive when in “Sport” mode. You do get a continuously variable transmission (CVT) standard; fortunately, Honda’s CVTs seem to be a better fit than some competitors. We’re still not big fans of CVTs. Thank the gods of happiness: you can get a slick six-speed manual transmission with the A-Spec model. Tommy also wants you to know: you get a mechanical limited slip differential, and an adaptive suspension system in the A-Spec.

“It’s got SO much soul!”


Prices start at $30,800 for a well-appointed base model. The top-of-the-line model starts at $35,800, and it’s pretty loaded. The Audi A3 and BMW 2-Series are more expensive, and Tommy believes, not as engaging to drive.

Check out this driving video where Tommy takes you on a spirited ride through hill country.

p.s. – try and count how many times Tommy says, “yo.”

It’s epic!