Tesla Hikes Its Prices (Yes, Again) — This Time On All Its Vehicles

CEO Elon Musk blames rising material costs — here's the current price for every Tesla

Tesla price hike — news
The least expensive Tesla starts at nearly $50,000, while the top end cars like this Model S Plaid costs more than $140,000 — at least for now. (Images: Tesla)

Tesla enacts its second price hike in a week.

On March 9, the EV manufacturer raised pricing on its Model 3 and Model Y in the U.S. Now, we’re seeing another increase, this time affecting every car from the Model 3 to the most expensive Model X. As the new pricing is effective on Tesla’s website, CEO Elon Musk noted sharp increases in “raw materials & logistics” costs in a tweet, suggesting that’s the reason for the hike.

Here’s what every Tesla car costs (at least right now)

While last week’s price change moved the bar by $1,000, as of March 15 the base Tesla Model 3 starts at $46,990. That relatively minor $500 increase does not translate across the entire range, however. The Model 3 Long Range now starts at $54,490 (up $1,000). At the top of the Model 3 range, the Performance now costs $61,990 (up $3,000 from last week).

As Tesla aims to expand its manufacturing capacity, it’s citing rising material costs as the reasoning for across-the-board price hikes.

Price changes for the Model Y follow a similar pattern. The Long Range model is up $1,000 to $62,990. As for the Model Y Performance, you’ll now pay $3,000 more, with that version starting at $67,990.

If you’re looking into the Tesla Model S sedan, you can still get the base version for under $100,000 — but only just. That model costs $99,990. The triple-motor Model S Plaid, currently the performance halo for the brand, now kicks off at $135,990.

As of March 15, the Tesla Model X starts off at $114,990 for the base (dual-motor) model. The triple-motor, all-wheel drive Model X Plaid is currently the most expensive Tesla car, with a starting price of $138,990 before options including paint and wheels. Build one out with the 22-inch “Turbine” wheels, anything other than a black interior, Red Multi-coat paint and Full Self-Driving Capability, and current pricing rises to $160,990.