Ask Nathan: Toyota’s Upcoming Three-Row EV, Ford’s ‘Secret’ Cheap EVs and Super Bowl Ads!

In this week’s Ask Nathan:

  • A three-row Toyota EV is in development
  • Ford is building a secret inexpensive EV
  • Want some fun Super Bowl ads?

The first question comes from a viewer who wants to know: is there a three-row Toyota EV coming here?

Q: (Via: RE: Three-row Toyota EV?

I think it may be doubtful if we’ll get a three-row Toyota EV like a BEV Sequoia or Grand Highlander. This is my second question, and thank you for answering my first one! You were the only one who said not to doubt Toyota about beig resistant to electrification. It is beginning to look like you were right. By sticking to their guns Toyota didn’t have a poor sales result in EVs like Ford.

Do you think Toyota will ever get serious about EVs?

– Mr. Fantasy Winwood 65

A: Hi there.

Yes, I think Toyota is serious about developing EVs for all markets, but on their own timeline. They will begin full production of a variety of BEVs soon. Sure, they will stay the course and continue to build hybrids as well. As a matter of fact, I got word recently that Toyota is setting up a facility in Kentucky that will build a three-row EV, just like you mentioned.

Toyota Motor Corp. plans to invest $1.3 billion in its Kentucky assembly plant for future electric vehicle production, the automaker announced Tuesday. This will compliment a battery cell manufacturing facility going up in North Carolina. Those batteries will go to into a recently announced three-row BEV that has yet to be officially named. More importantly, it will be the automaker’s first all-electric car built in the United States.

Chris Cohelia, group leader at Toyota Kentucky.

I suspect the FT-3e concept (pictured above) will look a lot like the EV in question. In addition, it’s expected to compete against newcomers like the Kia EV9, which has recently set the standard for the class. Production is expected to begin in 2025.

– N

The next question comes from a viewer who wants to know about Ford’s “secret” development of an affordable EV.

Q: (Via: YouTube) Did you hear about Ford’s secret development project for a cheap EV?

Maybe someone will finally build a competitor that will undercut the Bolt?

– BenBibbi

A: Hi Ben.

According to Ford CEO Jim Farley, Ford Motor Co. created a small tightknit team to develop a low-cost electric vehicle platform. Developed two years ago, the goal was to create a multi-use platform that can be built for less money than current platforms.

Ford CEO Jim Farley

This is good news for consumers, considering the hard lessons Ford learned with the Lightning and Mach-E. These current EVs are fairly competitive, but they seemed to be priced too high for many conquest EV sales. In addition, the least expensive Mach-E starts at about $43,000 – about the same price as the Lightning Pro base model was promised. That was before the price bump.

Simply put, Ford needs an EV that can bring customers in who are looking at entry-level electric cars like the Bolt and Leaf. The model for expensive EVs is being rewritten by this new platform. Many expect to see an SUV, lifted hatchback, and a small pickup based on this platform.

We will see very soon!

– N

… I wonder if Ford is considering EV scooters next…

The last comment… well, it’s not a comment. I just thought you guys would like some sweet 2024 Super Bowl SBLVIII commercials to celebrate the.


Who’s playing again?

… and this Doritos commercial qualifies – in my book.