Forbidden Fruit: It’s Completely Absurd These 10 Incredible Vehicles Are NOT Sold In The U.S.

We wish they would make it over to our shores, but it's not likely

7) Volkswagen Up! GTI

As much as we love the Mark 7.5 Volkswagen Golf GTI, it’s quite a bit larger and heavier than its original counterparts. Enter the smaller Volkswagen Up!, which harkens back to the original ethos of the GTI: something small, nimble and fun.

The Volkswagen Up! GTI has 114 horsepower under the hood, which puts it about on the same level as the Mark 1 Golf GTI, sold as the Rabbit GTI in the U.S. when it first went on sale here in 1984. It has just a 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine, but the upside of its tinyness is that it weighs virtually nothing. It’s a refreshing change to something as massive as, say, a Mini.