Forbidden Fruit: It’s Completely Absurd These 10 Incredible Vehicles Are NOT Sold In The U.S.

We wish they would make it over to our shores, but it's not likely

Dacia Duster
[Photo: Dacia]

6) Dacia Duster

If you watched a certain British car show, then you know what this is. Dacia is a Romanian marque under the Renault umbrella, and it’s meant as an economical, no-frills brand. The Sandero is a small, honest hatchback without any vices, and that translates to this Duster crossover as well. It actually looks pretty good for being so inexpensive. In fact, the brand’s slogan for cars it sells in the UK is, “You do the maths.”

The Dacia Duster starts off at £10,995, or just over $14,250 for a two-wheel drive model. Even fully loaded versions aren’t more than about $25,000, and they’re pretty economical as well. For something that’s simple, capable off-road and gets good fuel mileage, the Duster is a tough combination to beat, even if it comes from a brand completely unknown to Americans.