Forbidden Fruit: It’s Completely Absurd These 10 Incredible Vehicles Are NOT Sold In The U.S.

We wish they would make it over to our shores, but it's not likely

[Photo: Škoda Auto]

3) Škoda Yeti/Kodiaq

Škoda is another unknown name in the U.S., but it lives under the Volkswagen brand. Its cars ride on the same platform, though the Czech-built cars offer a compelling package for a lower price than their VW counterparts. Again, if you watched a particular British car show, you know about the Yeti, which had been described as one of the most “complete” cars around.

The Kodiaq is a large family hauler, while the “Mountiaq” on the right is cool-looking pickup concept. [Photo: Škoda]

Then there’s the Kodiaq SUV. This also comes based on a VW platform, in this case the Tiguan. To my mind, though, this is a more handsome version than the Tiguan, while it still offers similar powertrains to what we’d see in the U.S., including a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder with a seven-speed DSG.