Forbidden Fruit: It’s Completely Absurd These 10 Incredible Vehicles Are NOT Sold In The U.S.

We wish they would make it over to our shores, but it's not likely

[Photo: Citroen]

1) Citroën C4 Cactus

Come on, how much do you want to own a car called the “Cactus”? Strange name aside, French automaker Citroën has a long reputation of making quirky, yet interesting cars stretching all the way back to the DS. This one was unique thanks to its distinctive “airbump” panels designed to protect the doors from damage in parking lots. The 2018 restyling made the airbumps less obtrusive, but they still remain.

If anything, this car has styling similar to a Nissan Juke or Hyundai Kona, with the two-piece headlight assembly design. As the brand is under Groupe PSA, which is spearheaded by Peugeot, the recent merger announcement with FCA may actually bring this car (or some other French cars) into the U.S. market.

What forbidden fruit cars would you like to see here in the U.S.? Let us know in the comments!