FCA and UAW Tentative Agreement Adds Nearly 8,000 Jobs and $4.5 Billion US Investment

Is there more forward progress in store?

FCA and UAW Tentative Agreement Adds Nearly 8,000 Jobs and $4.5 Billion US Investment

FCA and UAW are one step closer to merging.

United Auto Worker’s union and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles have reached a tentative agreement that would add about 8,000 jobs and $4.5 billion dollars in U.S. investment. The former agreement expired mid September of 2019.

If the proposal is accepted and recommended by the UAW FCA National Council on Wed, December 4th, it has to be voted on. This means 47,200 FCA workers, represented by the UAW, will cast a ratification vote. That is if the proposal is accepted and recommended. On top of that, some sources said that workers could get a $9,000 ratification bonuses. 

The ratification vote is supposed to begin on Dec. 6. This process is expected to take about two weeks.

General Motors workers went on strike for over a month during the company’s negotiations with the UAW. [Photo: UAW]

Productive negotiations

“Our UAW Bargaining Committee worked diligently, over many months, during the General Motors strike and Ford negotiations to maintain productive negotiations with FCA,” UAW Vice President Cindy Estrada, director of the UAW-FCA Department, said in a prepared statement released at 10:54 a.m. in Detroit. “The pattern bargaining strategy has been a very effective approach for the UAW and its members to negotiate economic gains around salary, benefits and job security.” – – Detroit Free Press

Unlike General Motors’ recent battle with the UAW (which resulted in 40 day walkout), it appears that negations are going fairly smoothly for FCA. In light of the recent lawsuit brought on against FCA by GM, and the pending merger with Peugeot (PSA) – an agreement would be a big win for Fiat Chrysler Automobile.

It’s possible that the agreement will be sorted out before Christmas 2019. Provided all parties agree (and play nice), holiday bonuses for UAW FCA workers could be nice.