It’s Not Just the EV9: The Smaller Kia EV5 Concept Previews the Brand’s New Styling Strategy

If this is any indication, then the future is looking bright.

Kia EV5

Kia EV5: A smaller brother to the upcoming Kia EV9.

Kia has a new concept called the EV5, which looks to be a smaller alternative to the EV9. The manufacturer just unveiled the EV5 concept at their Chinese EV Day. This new EV will be available “initially for Chinese market later this year.” They have yet to state whether the EV5 will make it stateside.

While Kia hasn’t disclosed any powertrain specs, we expect the EV5 to use the same e-GMP architecture that the manufacturer’s other EVs run on. The concept also features 21 inch wheels, seats that swivel like the EV9 and a panoramic sunroof that doubles as a solar panel. The interior uses sustainable materials such as PET bottles and plant based fabrics.

What about the production EV5?

Later this year we’ll have a better idea of how many features from the concept will make production. Some of the concept’s design, like reverse opening doors with no pillar between aren’t likely. However, the car’s masculine “Opposites United” design language reflects what we’ve seen on the bigger EV9.

While the exterior looks near production, the interior is a rendering. The concept has a large screen that spans from the instruments to the center of the dash. Though it appears to primarily be a two-row vehicle, the concept has a rear facing bench. The bench seat appears to store in the trunk with a table. The bench seems to be set up as more of a space to sit while stationary with the table in front than a jump seat like the Model S.

Since the e-GMP platform has battery sizes ranging from 58kWh to 77.4kWh, and as much as 576 horsepower it’s hard to say just what the EV5 will offer. Check out the video linked below if you want to learn more about the bigger Kia EV9.