Tesla Is Reportedly Offering a $3,750 Discount on Model 3/Model Y Cars to Shore Up Year-End Deliveries

Tesla's actually dealing a bit, which is certainly rare

Tesla Model Y December discounts - report
(Image: Tesla)

Here’s a rare opportunity to actually get a discount on a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y — at least until the year’s out.

According to an Electrek report citing sources close to the matter, Tesla is putting up a $3,750 “price adjustment” toward every Model 3 and Model Y delivered in December. It’s an unusual move for the automaker, but a couple of special conditions may be contributing to this once in a blue moon decision.

The first issue Tesla faces is long delivery times. Some customers are changing their minds between placing an order and delivery. The other relates to the revamped EV tax credit under the Inflation Reduction Act passed earlier this year. While Teslas are not eligible for a $7,500 tax credit under the old scheme, the new one going into effect next month will include those models once more. That’s causing customers to try and delay their orders into 2023 — something Tesla clearly doesn’t want to do — or cancel them outright when customers are given an ultimatum to keep to an earlier delivery window.

Like other automakers, Tesla doesn’t want to sit on a host of unsold inventory at the end of the year. It already faced weaker than expected deliveries in the third quarter, with 343,000 of its EVs finding owners. While unusual, this rare Tesla discount may spur demand to bring sales figures into line with what analysts forecast. I could also put Tesla in better a better stead to build momentum on a stronger December as the tax credit does take effect in January.