We Drag Race Four EVs And It Goes As Expected…Then Something STRANGE Happens!

EV Drag Race - Mini Cooper SE, Ford Mustang Mach-E GT, Volkswagen ID.4, Porsche Taycan
Definitely one of the quietest drag races we’ve had in awhile — check out this 4-way EV drag race!

Mini Cooper SE, Volkswagen ID.4, Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo and Ford Mustang Mach-E GT.

What we have here today is a high-voltage drag race, with not one, but four different EVs. From our Mini Cooper SE — one of the most affordable electric cars you can currently buy — we’re running up the price and performance brackets to see just how much acceleration you can get. When you can get four electric models together like this, you also just want to pitch them against each other for the heck of it. Hey, why not, right?

At around $37,000, the 181 horsepower 2022 Mini Cooper SE is certainly not going to emerge victorious from this four-way EV drag race. Still, though, it’s pretty peppy against its mainstream rivals. Never mind that, because it’s a Mini, it retains that fun and playful character that makes the hatch a go-to choose if you’re looking for a daily runabout.

Stepping up to just over $50,000, you can get the 295 horsepower, all-wheel drive Volkswagen ID.4. Specifically, this is the top-end of the model lineup, in the “Pro S” trim, so it comes well-equipped for the money, even before available federal and state tax incentives. On paper, at least, it also runs 0-60s in the mid to upper-5-second range, putting it about on par with a Golf GTI. Side note: Even with its modest 240-mile range, the ID.4 AWD is also a remarkably comfortable road trip car.

You can get some serious performance outside Tesla, these days

At $105,000, the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo is a pricey alternative to, say, a Tesla Model Y or even a Model X. This particular car is the Taycan 4 Cross Turismo — the base model — with a few choice options. Thanks to overboost and launch control onboard, the car can still put down 469 horsepower from its dual-motor setup, allowing 0-60 runs in the high-4-second area. There are faster versions, but then you’re talking some major cash, and that’s already well ahead of the other three EVs we have.

The one to watch, for us, is the brand new Ford Mustang Mach-E GT. This hot version of the Mach-E manages 480 horsepower, and well over 600 lb-ft of torque with the Performance Package. 0-60? 3.5 seconds, according to Ford. With just 100 miles on the odometer, we’re definitely keen to put that power down and see what it’s really made of. The results were, well…surprising, to say the least.

Check out what happened in the video below!