What Are Your Thoughts On A Tesla Model S Convertible? Check This Out!

There are still some luxury four-seaters a factory-built Model S Convertible could compete against

Tesla Model S Convertible

We just received a photo of a convertible Tesla Model S, and it got us thinking…

I would not get my hopes up that we will see a production version of a convertible Tesla Model S anytime soon. I’m sure there will be snarky comments such as, “ah look, yet another piece has fallen off a Tesla – this time it’s the whole roof.” But, in a world of four-seater convertibles, why not? Or, you could feasibly justify something that’s similar to the highly modified, two-door Model S in this post. Others might desire a Tesla convertible sports car, one that’s better than the first model. Fortunately, we know that is coming. Beside a small Targa roof, though, maybe the Tesla Roadster will sport a full convertible? You never know.

Image: Tesla

Either way, Tesla does not currently offer a convertible option as of right now. At the moment, the EV automaker offers two crossovers — the Model X and Model Y — and two sedans — the Model S and Model 3. Soon, they will have a pick up truck, and the roadster. So, perhaps it’s logical to hope that a full convertible is in the cards.

Why build a convertible Tesla Model S?

While studying the image, I was wondering – why did someone choose a Model S over a Model 3? I mean, if you’re going to hack a roof, why not do it to a less expensive, smaller Model 3? That’s definitely been the hotbed for some innovation, if you remember this video series.

We’re just curious whether you guys are behind an idea like this, or if it’s something you’re glad Tesla (to date) has resisted doing. After all, it’s more appealing to have 300+ miles of range and neck-snapping performance, right?