Tesla Says The Model Y Performance Will Make It Over 300 Miles – Let’s See If That’s Actually True: Range Test Video

Roman's on an important mission - there's no time to charge up!

Tesla Model Y Range Test
In many ways, the Tesla Model Y Performance has been an impressive machine, but can it live up to the range claims in the real world?

It’s time for another range challenge!

Today’s a fun video (of sorts), even though the circumstances under which we’re filming it isn’t. Here in Colorado, we’re just getting to the point where COVID-19 vaccines are available to the general public, and the team’s been working to get inoculated as quickly as possible so we can get back to normal. That means more traveling — we are finally starting to do that again — more reviews, and boy have some of us really needed the change in scenery. In order to actually get the shot, though, some of us (including me and Roman) had to drive several hours away from where we live to a place where there were open appointments.

But you have to make the best of it, right? So in this adventure, Roman takes the Tesla Model Y Performance on a long distance trip to see just how many miles you can really eke out of a charge. Right now, Tesla says the Performance can get 303 miles on a single charge, and the trip from Boulder to Pueblo, Colorado and back is right in that ball park.

Check out the video below to see what happens!