A New Q&A Platform For TFL Supporters: Join TFL Pit Stop On Zoom!

Thank you for supporting TFL!

A New Q&A Platform For TFL Supporters: Join TFL Pit Stop On Zoom!
We’re setting up “TFL Pit Stop” as a casual, interactive chat wherein Patreon supporters and those who donate to the TFL team can get their car and truck questions answered.

Thank you for supporting the TFL team!

We get dozens of emails every day from you guys in the TFL community, and the vast majority focus on specific car and truck buying questions. As much as we’d love to answer all of them (we’ve been trying to get to as many as we can), we’re a small team and rarely have the bandwidth to really get into the nitty-gritty of all these questions as much as we’d like.

Still, we obviously don’t want to ignore the community at-large, and we especially want to respond to those who directly support TFL through monetary donations via PayPal or pledging their support on Patreon. 250 of you dole out your hard-earned money every month to support our team, and every dollar makes a difference. To that end, we’re setting up something new called “TFL Pit Stop” as a live chat event to answer your questions in real time.

If you’d like to bring your questions to us, the guys will be available to answer your questions at 4:30 PM MDT today, April 13 (3:30 PM Pacific/6:30 PM Eastern) via the Zoom Client for Meetings (click the link to download the client).

How do I join to ask my question(s)?

To be clear, we’re setting up TFL Pit Stop as an exclusive chat event for direct supporters to the team. If you’d like to join the meeting to ask your questions (or just say hello to the team), you’ll need to be a verified patron or reach out via email (to info@tflcar.com) if you don’t wish to pledge through Patreon and would rather donate directly. This is the link to donate through PayPal.

After that, you can reach the link to join the Zoom meeting through Patreon itself, or we will provide it to you when you donate directly. For security, we will also provide a passcode to the event.

While we work out the format here, we appreciate your patience in working with us. If you have supported the team and want to join TFL Pit Stop, we’d love to answer your questions. Thanks everyone!

As a side note, this is a separate event from our live shows, which we are looking into booting up again with the TFLbids auction site relaunch. We’re working on getting that set up properly again, so feel free to check that out below. We may host those on Mondays, and those are open to everyone (though Super Chats or donations are deeply appreciated!).