Do You Want Your Tesla Model 3 To Go Faster? That Will Be $2,000 For The ‘Acceleration Boost’ Update, Please

Is it worth spending the money here over buying a Performance model?

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If you own a Tesla Model 3, then you already have a pretty quick car on your hands. The Dual Motor version clocks a 4.4 second 0-60 time, which can embarrass most bespoke performance cars. Now, though, you can make it even faster thanks to an “Acceleration Boost” update.

With that over-the-air update, Tesla can knock that 0-60 time down to 3.9 seconds. That’s an improvement of about 13 percent from the car without the Acceleration Boost, but unlocking that update doesn’t come cheap. Now, Teslarati points out that owners have noticed an “Upgrades” section in their mobile app. Owners running version 2019.40.2 are reportedly eligible for the $2,000 update, and is exclusive to the Dual Motor Long Range models, at least for now.

Tesla Model 3

New territory for performance?

$2,000 may be pricey for a simple software update, but it is an easy way for owners to make their cars faster at the push of a button. These sort of upgrades are new grounds for Tesla, but it may signal the path forward for upgrading electric cars. Much in the same vein as spending a few thousand dollars on forced induction, this may become commonplace as electric cars become more widespread.

Like charging $7,000 for Tesla’s “Full Self Driving” update, the company could add on more paid software tweaks down the road. Paying $2,000 for the Acceleration Boost closes the gap between the Dual Motor and Performance as well, which could make the Long Range more appealing. Then again, any future updates could likely anger those who forked out the extra money to buy the Performance as well.

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