Cadillac Celestiq Offers Tech Preview For Its All-Electric Luxury Flagship

This appears to be the brand's all-electric CT6 replacement

Cadillac Celestiq Offers Tech Preview For Its All-Electric Flagship
Full-width infotainment screens, four-wheel steering and full-glass roof? Yep, Cadillac’s next-generation flagship will have all those. (Photos: Cadillac)

The Cadillac Celestiq aims to be the brand’s next ultra-luxury flagship.

At least, that’s what GM announced Tuesday when it revealed this next-gen model during the virtual 2021 Consumer Electronics Show. The Cadillac Celestiq follows the upcoming Lyriq as a flagship sedan — in essence, a replacement for the now-dead CT6. According to their official statement, “Designed to set a new standard for luxury EVs, the Celestiq embodies Cadillac’s commitment to reimagine what’s possible in design and technology.”

To that end, the brand’s hyper-luxury flagship preview features tomorrow’s world technologies like a pillar-to-pillar “freeform display”. Apart from the massive primary display, Cadillac says the Celestiq also has console screens between the front and rear seats for individual comfort settings. It also houses a four-quadrant smart glass roof. Using the interior controls, occupants can set whatever level of transparency they’d like for their part of the roof.

Cadillac Celestiq Offers Tech Preview For Its All-Electric Luxury Flagship
Here you can see how the full-glass roof is separated into quadrants, with one completely transparent.

The Celestiq uses similar styling to the Lyriq crossover.

On the outside, the Cadillac Celestiq show car features the same illuminated grille and boomerang-style taillights as the Lyriq crossover. Using a bird’s eye view, you also get a better sense of what the company means with its pillar-to-pillar display. While the company hasn’t mentioned specs yet, the car will be all-wheel drive with four-wheel steering. Like the crossover, the Cadillac Celestiq will also ride on GM’s Ultium battery platform.

For now, GM just previewed parts of the Celestiq, a model it says “embodies Cadillac’s pioneering spirit”. As for more specifics on what that means, we’ll have to see what develops in the coming months.

While the General’s clearly focused on EVs moving forward, don’t think it’s completely given up on big, powerful engines just yet. Cadillac is set to reveal its next generation of performance sedans — the CT4-V and CT5-V Blackwing — next month.