Video: Two-Door and Four-Door Ford Bronco Spied In The Wild — Here’s a Closer Look at What’s Coming!

Ford's still hard at work on developing the new Bronco

Ford Bronco testing
(Images: TFLcar)

We’re still catching the Ford Bronco in our prototype hunting.

Recently, Roman and Tommy went hunting Ford Bronco prototypes in the wild. Honestly, they weren’t exactly looking just for Fords — we’ve seen them several times by now, after all — but that’s what they came across deep in the Rockies. The Rockies are popular for automakers and independent test companies to use for research and data gathering on prototypes, test-mules and soon-to-be production vehicles. Up here, they test everything from emissions, economy, cold-weather capability, high-altitude performance and more.

These Ford Bronco test vehicles look like they were testing emissions, new components and (maybe) cold weather – among other things.

Ford Bronco testing

Keep in mind: these full-size Ford Broncos are not in production yet. People often get them confused with the Ford Bronco Sport – which is a completely different vehicle. Known by many as the “Baby Bronco,” the Sport is a crossover based on the Ford Escape’s platform. The Bronco Sport production has basically begun and they will be at dealerships soon. The full-size, truck-based Ford Bronco is a different story. We hear that production for the Ford Bronco may begin March of 2021, bringing models to dealerships around the second quarter of 2021.

What did we see?

There were two Ford Broncos spied on this recent sojourn. A two and four-door model were being tested and the boys caught them at rest in a parking lot. There few questions raised by the larger four-door as it was mostly undisguised. Some speculate that this bigger Bronco could be testing out a hybrid or other EV-assisted system. As for the two door; it looks very interesting. That thick plastic covering is hiding something tantalizing, something cool. It could be a roof option we haven’t seen yet, or even a camper option – which would be epic and unusual.

What do you think? Are you curious about what’s under the skin here? We certainly are!

Check out this video to see more!