Never Mind: Elon Musk Says A Refreshed Tesla Model S And Model X Aren’t Coming After All

As you were.

Tesla Model X

No new Model S or Model X models are on the horizon.

CNBC reported in late May that Tesla would soon update the Tesla Model S and Model X with even longer range later this year. Like the Tesla Model 3, these models were also supposed to get an updated, minimalist interior. After an inquisitive individual on Twitter asked Elon Musk when it’s coming, we were met with some disappointing news:

When the same person asked whether Tesla would update the interior, Model 3 style, he simply replied “No.” So, it looks like the Tesla Model S and Model X will soldier on for the time being without any major changes.

Tesla first introduced the Model S sedan back in 2012, with its latest facelift coming in 2016. The Model X came along as the brand’s second mass-market model in 2015. While both have been fairly steady sellers, they’ve dropped off in the wake of the Model 3.

For the time being, it seems Tesla will continue building the Model S and Model X at the Fremont factory. Alongside those two, though, we will eventually see the Tesla Model Y crossover. We’re supposed to see the Model Y arrive in Fall 2020, but whether the company will combine Model S and Model X production or come up with another solution to build the Model Y at the Fremont factory is unclear right now.

Even if the Tesla Model S is showing its age, it’s still just as fast as it ever was. In fact, in one of the strangest drag races we’ve ever had, we pitched this Model S with Ludicrous+ mode against a Polaris Slingshot, of all things. Check it out below: