Here’s One More Cheeky Look At The C8 Corvette Before Next Week’s Reveal

It's been spotted again in the wild

The reveal is coming July 18.

Paul Kochis happened to snap this quick shot of Chevrolet’s upcoming C8 Corvette in Michigan. Now, the car will officially break cover next Thursday, July 18th. We’ve also seen plenty of renderings as to what the car looks like, and even a few unclad photos. Still, it’s fun to see the C8 Corvette roaming the streets in its final stages before the big day.

We can see a little more happening under the camouflage, but little more than what GM has shown in its own photos. Again, we can see the headlights and a bit of the front grille design. There’s still a bit of the C7’s DNA lingering here it seems, as it still keeps the sloping front end that suddenly drops into the front grille. The windshield is similarly raked, and the side mirrors are still out on the doors, as they are in the current Corvette.

However, as you move around the side, you see the large vents denoting the car’s mid-engined layout. That’s even clearer as you see the car in profile, where the vents are even more pronounced.

As for what’s lurking within the C8 Corvette, we will know more next week. Conventional wisdom dictates it’s a big V8, although there may be a smaller turbocharged unit in this generation. Stick around for more updates!

C8 Corvette
The all-new C8 Corvette will debut on July 18, 2019. [Photo: General Motors]