Watch as the TFL Project Porsche Boxster and a Toyota 86 play in the snow! [Video]

Sometimes at TFL, we just want to have some fun.

So when we had a snow day at the offices here in Colorado, we thought it would be fun to bring out the Project Porsche 1999 Boxster to see how it handles the white stuff.

To go along with the Porsche, we also brought out a 2017 Toyota 86 which we have on loan. What’s more fun than two rear-drive sports cars on slick pavement?

We also wanted to see how a modern affordable sports car does against an older used sports car. Which one is better? Does it make more sense to spend the money on a new sports car, or an older higher-end sports car?

Check out the full video above for a fun look at two sports cars frolicking in the snow.