What is a car review? [Ask Roman]

What is a car review?

That might sound like a simple question, but based on what people call “reviews” on YouTube and on the Internet, it’s something that needs a proper answer.

In this first episode of Ask Roman, TFL’s Roman Mica answers that question and explains why what we do here at TFL is a review, and why a lot of what you find on the web isn’t really a true car review.

He also explains why we don’t take any money or endorsements from manufacturers and what you should look for to determine what is a review, and what isn’t.

And speaking as the editor of this website, I can assure you that we also don’t take any money from manufacturers to review cars and that all of our reviews are bona fide, 100% real.

Watch the full video above to find out what Roman has to say about what constitutes a car review.