Is there anything more expensive than a cheap Porsche boxster? [Video]

What does it take to keep an old Porsche drivable?

In this episode of TFL’s video series Project Porsche, Tommy and Roman Mica are learning as they continue to fix up their 1999 Porsche Boxster.

They recently visited Rennstall Classic Cars in Greeley, Colo. to have mechanics fix leaking oil. But, while they were there, they found out that the Boxster needed a new catalytic converter as well.

While they waited, Tommy took a stroll around the Rennstall lot, looking at the different types of cars available. He saw an old Volkswagen Beetle, an International SUV, a Porsche track car and an old, fixed up Crosley.

He also saw a Boxster S, a sportier version of their Boxster. Tommy pointed out all the differences between the two versions. The Boxster S comes with bigger tires, dual exhaust, nicer interior and more horsepower. The S also comes with an additional center radiator in the front besides just having the two radiators on either side.

How much did the latest repairs cost Tommy and Roman? And, how much money overall have they put into their Boxster? Find out by watching the complete TFL video above.