Top 5 Unexpected Surprises of the Original 986 Boxster – Project Porsche Ep.4 [Video]

The Porsche Boxster may have some unique surprises most people never heard of.

Its styling, storage space and engine are unique to the model that many people many not even know about.

In this episode of Project Porsche, TFL’s Tommy Mica went through his list of top five unexpected surprises of the original 986 Boxster to tell people what unique surprises they may find.

At the top of his list was styling. The first generation Boxster looked a lot like the 911. When comparing the headlights and interior, the two were almost identical.

However, Porsche changed that in 2002 and made the 911 more angular and aggressive because many people felt that they were paying a premium price for the 911 and getting the same look as the Boxster.


Another feature to make his list was the storage capacity in the Boxster. The first generation didn’t have a glove box and instead have two deep cubbies on either door for storage.

There also was storage by the steering wheel for the owner’s manual. And unlike most cars, the Boxster has trunk storage and a place in the front that can store items since the engine is in the middle of the car.

As for the engine, Tommy demonstrated how people could access it. He pointed out that Porsche put the dipstick, coolant level and oil filler in the trunk for easy access.

But how can someone access the engine? What were some of the other unique features? Find out by watching the complete TFL video above.