TFL Top 5: The best cars I’ve driven this year [Op/Ed]

2017 Toyota 86

1 – Toyota 86

The Toyota 86 was by far the best car I’ve driven this year, by a long shot. It offers such a raw, visceral driving experience that it reminds me of why I fell in love with driving. But despite how good it is, it’s also a little bittersweet.

Cars like the 86 – cars that are short on luxury amenities and technology and actually take some effort and focus to drive – are a dying breed. With the future of the automobile leaning more and more toward automation and electricity, cars like the 86 – and the BRZ, its Subaru sister – are not long for this world. Unless, in an ideal world, driving becomes like riding a horse, something done for fun or sport. In that case, all cars will be like the 86 – simple, raw, and fun to drive.

Here at TFL, we rate our cars with our signature Buy It, Lease It, Rent It or Forget It ratings. If I could, I’d give the 86 a Go Buy It Right Freaking Now rating.