TFL Top 5: The best cars I’ve driven this year [Op/Ed]

The 2016 Toyota Camry Special Edition is set to debut at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show.

Honorable Mention – Toyota Camry SE

The Camry earns an honorable mention on this spot because of how much it surpassed my expectations. I mean, it’s a Camry. A boremobile. The epitome of “beige.” No way it would be fun, or interesting, or anything other than “meh.”

The Camry I drove was the SE Special Edition, but apart from the color and some interior trim, it was no different than any other SE-trimmed Camry. So why was it so much fun to drive? It has the same old 2.5-liter four cylinder and old-school six-speed automatic. It shares the same architecture as the bargain-basement Camrys lined up at the rental-car lot.

But there I was, a big grin on my face as I tossed the Camry into a corner, firing off downshifts with the paddle shifters. Plus it was comfortable, roomy, nicely equipped, and still averaged 30 mpg in my time with it. It may have missed my top five, but not by much.

I hope you enjoyed the list of the best cars I drove at this year. Check out this TFLcar video of the most fun cars that we’ve driven this year.