Top 10 Essential Off-Roading Tips for Newbies (Part 1 of 2) – DiffLock Ep. 7 [Video]

If you are going to venture off-road, there’s a world of knowledge that is helpful to know that will keep you and your ride rubber-side down. Watch as Tommy discovers the finer points of staying safe in this Top Ten Off-Roading Tips for Newbies video.

This video is the next part of TFL’s affordable off-roading series DiffLock Ep. 7.

Taking your vehicle off-road can be one of the most enjoyable things you can do on four wheels. But before venturing off the beaten path, here are some important ways to prepare yourself and your vehicle for a fun and safe outing that you’ll look forward to repeating.

In preparation for your first off-road adventure, here are some things to do before you ever leave home:

  • Make sure you know your vehicle well. It’s important to recognize your limits and those of your vehicle and not to exceed them.
  • Know how your 4×4 system works and how to use the controls
  • Know where the spare tire and jack are located and how to use them
  • Know your vehicle’s dimensions – height, width, length, approach angle, departure angle and ramp angle – so that you can pass through tight areas without damage
  • Know where the lowest point of clearance is – usually the differential casing
  • Get used to driving your 4×4. Get a feel for its size and driving characteristics
  • Practice using the low ratio gearbox
  • If your vehicle is equipped with manual locking hubs, try them out
  • Know where your engine’s air intake and engine computer are located so you’ll know the maximum depth of water that you could cross

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