“Fast & Furious 7” Gets a Rewrite Due To Paul Walker’s Death

paul walker car crash fire dies dead

Paul Walker’s tragic death on November 30th, after the Porsche Carrera GT in which he was a passenger crashed and burst into flames, has left the status of “Fast & Furious 7” very much in question. There is already considerable footage with Walker, but there was still plenty they had planned to film after Thanksgiving since filming was only about halfway done. Now the studio has to decide how to proceed and a rewrite looks like it might be the answer.

The existing script is being rewritten by Chris Morgan with an eye toward keeping as much of what has already been shot as possible while giving Walker an appropriate send off from the series. Exactly how he’ll pull this off is the question.

Universal Studios has completely shut down production of the film, which is now postponed indefinitely. It was originally slated to debut on July 11th, 2014 but that date has also been scrapped. There’s a possibility that if Morgan is able to quickly do a rewrite that the cast and crew could be back to work on the film as early as January.

One of the challenges the studio and writers face is how to handle scenes, some of which have already been filmed, that involve car crashes. It’s the nature of the franchise, but there were concerns that it would be viewed as inappropriate although many fans have said that it’s a part of the movies that simply can’t be removed and should still be in the film.


Universal also had to scramble to make a decision about “Fast & Furious 6” which came out on DVD on December 10th. They made last minute changes to the ad campaign, adding in their plans to donate a portion of the proceeds from the film to Walker’s charity, Reach Out Worldwide.

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