2013 Audi Allroad vs Lexus RX 350 Off-Road Mashup Drive & Review

2013 Audi Allroad vs Lexus RX 350 Off-Road Mashup Drive & Review

Let’s face it the 2013 Audi Allroad and the  Lexus RX 350 will spend more time traversing American shopping mall parking lots than bouncing over boulders in the great outdoors.

One thing that The Fast Lane Car prides itself on is the ability to ascertain which vehicles make good ski cars. We are based in Colorado, ski-capitol of the planet. We constantly venture in to the Rocky Mountains, visit numerous ski towns and we drive in the white stuff in just about every vehicle built.

We like using an specific off road trail for testing 4X4 ability. We also know that, if a crossover or AWD vehicle does well on this off road trail, it will do beautifully in low-traction situations. We also do it because it’s fun; I mean, how much fun would you have driving the Lexus RX 350 and Audi Allroad in the rough?

The Audi is called an Allroad and the Lexus has a locking differential so perhaps these vehicles can venture off-road.

We decided to find out in this TFLcar Off-Road Mashup Drive & Review.

Which of the two is the most off-road worthy? The Lexus RX 350 or the Audi Allroad? Which of the two should you buy if you happen to cross shop the two popular vehicles?

Check out this TFLcar off-road Mashup video review to find out as we take both vehicles deep into the Colorado Mountains on trails that Jeeps usually tread.