A Day in the Life of the 2012 Toyota Prius C Hybrid

Dave spends a day with the new Toyota Prius C

Once upon a time you could buy a Toyota Prius in only one flavor. Today, Toyota hybrid buyers have a choice.

As of 2012 Toyota now sells four flavors of their highly successful hybrid and these include the Prius, the Plug-in Prius, the Prius V and, of course, the Prius C.

Think of the Toyota Prius C as the entry level Prius that’s similar to the entry level Toyota Yaris in overall design, with the exception of the hybrid power plant. The problem is: at a starting  price of $18,950, the Prius C will take a very long time to justify its price over the $14,115 Yaris. Still, there is something to be said for a car that gets 53 mpg city and 46 mpg highway.

In this video review Dave spends a day living with the smallest Prius…the new Prius C to see what it is like to live with Toyota’s newest and f course most fuel efficient hybrid Prius. The Prius C has a 1.5 liter four-cylinder engine that makes 73 horsepower and produces 82 lbs-feet of torque. The combined output of the gas engine and electric power is 99 hp.

We’ve reviewed the Prius C before on The Fast Lane Car and mashed it up against a Toyota Prius Plug-in and found it to be a good, simple transport. Check out that review (here).

This video is a great way to check out if you might be ready for Toyota’s smallest hybrid.