Video: Ferrari recalling 1,248 458 Italia sports cars after four burn to the ground


How would you like to spend over a quarter of a million dollars on your dream Ferrari only to have it catch fire and burn to the ground?

But that’s exactly what’s happened to at least four Ferrari 458 Italia supercars.

The cause?

A spokesman for Ferrari says that, “High outside temperatures and intensive use of the vehicle cause a distortion and the vehicle catches fire.

More specifically the glue used in the wheel-arch assemblies catches fire and the car burns.

So far these fires have been reported in California, Paris, Switzerland, China and one other unnamed location, and now Ferrari has decided to recall 1,248 458 Italias.

What we find very interesting is how Ferrari claims that “intensive use” of the car is the cause of the “burn to the ground” problem.

So how else would one drive a Ferrari?

“Intensive use,” (in our book) is really the only way to drive a 458 Italia.

BTW: The owners who first reported the fires that were actually were due to the glue issue will get a new car…Ferrari says.

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