Hyundai N Performance Guru And R&D Head Albert Biermann Retires: News

Before his stint at Hyundai, he was at BMW for 31 years

Albert Biermann
Albert Biermann has been with Hyundai since 2014. (Image: Hyundai)

Albert Biermann will still aid Hyundai as a technical advisor.

For three decades, he worked to create some of the best driver’s cars around under BMW’s M division. Hyundai Group made a huge splash in 2015, then, when they brought Albert Biermann on to create what would be some of the company’s best enthusiast cars yet. He helped establish Hyundai’s N performance sub-brand, then fill it with fantastic cars, to say nothing of the Kia Stinger he also had a hand in creating. Now, though, the company announced Biermann would retire.

“It has been a tremendous pleasure and honor for me to work for Hyundai Motor Group and lead our engineering division to become a ‘second-to-none’ R&D center in the entire automotive industry,” he said. “Korea will remain as my second home, and all of my colleagues at Hyundai Motor Group will always be considered part of my family.”

Hyundai Kona N and Elantra N

Following 31 years at BMW and his first three years at Hyundai Motor Group, the automaker named him the president and head of its R&D division in 2018.

While he is stepping back from that day-to-day position, he will still be involved in Hyundai’s future cars. Specifically, he’ll serve as an advisor on the Group’s future electrified performance cars. “[Biermann’s] commitment to delivering the very highest engineering standards has played a key role in our Group becoming one of the top global automotive leaders,” said executive chair Euisun Chung.

Hyundai’s N sub-brand has gone from strength to strength in the past few years, with the Elantra N and Kona N being the two latest examples. Check those out below: