Ford rolls out new Explorer Utility Police Interceptor


Here's something you probably won't want to see in your rear mirror.

Ford calls it the Police Interceptor Utility but we would just call it the police version of the upcoming new Ford Explorer.

Click HERE to watch a debut video of the new Ford Explorer

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According to Ford:

  • Ford’s new Police Interceptor utility is designed to complement the sedan introduced earlier this year and give law enforcement agencies a comprehensive choice for pursuit vehicles
  • The purpose-built sedan and utility Police Interceptors will deliver at least 20 percent better fuel economy than the current Crown Victoria Police Interceptor
  • Ford’s utility and sedan Police Interceptors will debut simultaneously when production of the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor ceases in late 2011

The new Police Interceptor Utility will come with only one engine and that wil be Ford's 3.5-liter Ti-VCT V6, delivering a minumum of 280 horsepower, and hooked up to a six-speed automatic transmission.

Police will be able to order the Police Interceptor Utility (can we just call it the PIU please) in either front or all wheel drive, and yes there will be lots of room for bad guys and police stuff in the back.

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