There’s a New Beast in Town: New Presidential Limo Makes Its First Public Appearance

After years in development, there's a new Beast in town.

President Donald Trump gave his new presidential limo a test ride in New York last weekend, heading to Trump Tower. Autoblog reports this marks his first public use of a new “The Beast”. General Motors did not release much information on the project. However, the company has allegedly been developing the new limo since as early as 2013.

The Beast in Action

Thanks to YouTube user THEMAJESTIRIUM1 for capturing and sharing this footage of “The Beast” in action in New York city. Check out the video below:

The previous version of The Beast was recently on our list of famous armored vehicles. While the old one cost around $1.6 million per unit, this new version clocks in at $15.8 million dollars. Where does all that money go? A lot of that goes into the vehicle’s various safety systems designed to protect the commander in chief.

GM’s previous iteration of “The Beast”.

The last limo featured type-specific onboard blood supply for POTUS, a smoke screen dispenser, kevlar tires, plenty of body armor, a panic button, tear gas canisters and night-vision cameras. Plus, the drivers receive comprehensive training in evasive driving tactics.

Technological Marvel

We don’t know exactly what technological defense mechanisms GM built into this limo. However, we can see that GM made it look like the latest Cadillac CT6. Furthermore, it is still built on a heavy-duty truck chassis with a diesel powerplant and truck-sized tires.

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