Tesla Addressing Logistics Issues By Bringing Cars Directly to Customers [News]

Plus Tesla is enlisting current owners to help educate new Model 3 buyers

Last week, we reported that Tesla has been struggling with delivery of the much-delayed Model 3. However, Tesla just announced a new program, called Tesla Direct, that delivers your new EV straight to your door. For the next week, this service will be free.

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As ever, Tesla’s fortunes rest on the success of the Model 3. [Photo: Tesla]
Why the rush to deliver more vehicles this week specifically? Well… The end of this fiscal quarter happens to be September 30th. Tesla is probably making this last-push effort to help boost their sales figures for this quarter. Or, at least, that’s part of it.

But Why?

Perhaps this move accomplishes multiple goals. Tesla has had some issues getting new vehicles delivered to their customers on time. While the introduction of a home delivery service will certainly boost Tesla’s numbers, it will also help remedy some less-than-positive feedback they have been receiving from their prospective buyers. Delivering this latest batch of new cars with expediency could breathe confidence into those who were losing some faith.

Another interesting piece of this program is that Elon has reached out on Twitter, looking for current owners who would be willing to help educate new owners on Tesla’s behalf:

And, it seems, there are many current owners who are happy to help out. Though, what sort of legal hassle may that cause Elon & Co? The explanation of Auto Pilot requires careful phrasing, with potential legal consequences should somebody receive a poor explanation.

Other Incentives

Tesla has also brought back free supercharging to help incentivize new buyers. This could be the best time to buy a Model 3, if you were contemplating one.

The free home delivery service is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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We have had some of our own internal debates about Elon’s success, check out the video below to see if we think they will remain financially viable: