Here are the Top 5 Ways to Tell if a Ford Explorer is Actually a Police Interceptor

DISCLAIMER: TFLcar does not, by any means, encourage breaking the law. This article is for informational purposes only. Obey posted speed limits and rules of the road at all times!

2016, ford, explorer, police, interceptor, utility
2016 Ford Explorer – Police Interceptor Utility

The Ford Explorer, like the Crown Victoria and the Dodge Challenger, has become a vehicle that spurs a brief moment of panic whenever you see one in your rearview mirror. Many law enforcement agencies are using the Explorer as a squad car. Coincidentally, the Explorer is also one of the best-selling SUVs in its class. In short, there are a ton on the road and it can be hard to discern the differences between the Police Interceptor and the Civilian Explorer. The folks from Blue Springs Ford Parts have put together this easy infographic that tells you the top 5 ways to tell apart the regular Ford Explorer and the Police version.

Bonus: If they are flashing their lights at you and you can hear a siren, its a cop!

We here at TFL always like to give you a bonus, so here is a bonus nugget of advice: If you find an Explorer with its lights flashing at you and a siren on, it is likely a cop and you should pull over!

Thanks again to the people from Blue Springs Ford Parts and Spork Marketing for making this list. It is certainly interesting to see the small differences between the police and civilian versions of the explorer.

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There is a lot more you can get to know about the Ford Police Interceptor. To find out everything you need to know, check out the video below: