Video review 2010 Infiniti G37x Coupe: fun, fast and certainly different


Almost forever…that's how long the BMW 3 series has been king of sport coupe class.

But what if a new contender took on the king with a 330 HP engine, impeccable build quality, and even all wheel drive?

That's the car that Infiniti has built and its called the G37x.

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Sometimes to overthrow the king you have to be better but sometimes you have to be different.

The Infiniti G37x isn't better than the BMW, but it certainly is different.

Buyit_Buy-It! In fact its so different that we give the car the "Buy It" recommendation.

But what makes the G37x worthy to even be in the same class as the best from Bavaria?

Watch the video review below and you'll see why we like the upstart from the land of the raising sun.

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