Rimac Celebrates Its 15-Year Anniversary With Limited-Run Nevera

Only 9 will ever exist, so it'll definitely be exclusive

Rimac Nevera 15th Anniversary Edition
(Images: Rimac)

This year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed will host a special version of Rimac’s Nevera hypercar.

While some automotive startups fizzle into obscurity, Rimac has risen to worldwide renown over the past 15 years — and it’s celebrating the occasion with a limited-production edition of its 1,914-horsepower Nevera. This variant, resplendent in copper both inside and out, will make its public debut at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK this weekend.

So, how do you celebrate a company that emerged from founder Mate Rimac’s garage in 2009 to eventually go on to create one of the most iconic electric cars of the moment, employee more than 2,200 people and own Bugatti? Well, this Rimac Nevera 15th Anniversary Edition is no more potent than the existing model (not that it needed to be, really), so you still get the same level of power from its four electric motors, as well as a 120-kWh battery pack.

What the Rimac Nevera 15th Anniversary Edition does bring is the aforementioned copper-themed glow-up, a serialized emblem between the seats and a tailored luggage set crafted to match the car’s interior layout. If one of the extreme few who are able to buy this car don’t want copper-colored upholstery, they can also get it in either white or black leather.

The other part of the anniversary model’s appeal is its exclusivity. While even Bugatti manufactured 500 Chiron supercars in various forms over the years, Rimac is limiting Nevera 15th Anniversary production to just…nine. Not 900, but 9 cars, in total. Each will carry a €2.35 million (or a cool $2.54 million over here). That’s about half a million dollars more than the “standard” car, if you could call it that, and also one of the most expensive cars from any automaker at the moment.