Jay Leno Suffers Broken Bones from Motorcycle Crash, Reportedly Gets Show Dropped by CNBC

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After suffering several broken bones following a recent motorcycle accident, Jay Leno’s Garage show is cancelled by CNBC.

On January 17th, Leno was riding his vintage Indian motorcycle, when he smelled gasoline. Fearing a breakdown, or worse, he quickly pulled the bike into a parking area. Unfortunately, a cable was strung between anchor points, with no flag indicating it was there. Not seeing the cable, he was immediately launched from his bike at speed. The motorcycle continued as it made it under the cable; unfortunately, Leno slammed into the pavement.

Considering all of the media coverage he received after severely burning his body back in November 2022 in a mechanical debacle, he opted to keep quiet about the accident. The 72 year-old comedian stated that he broke his collarbone, two cracked kneecaps and two broken ribs. Having met the comedian before, he’s fortunate top have a solid build.

“You know, after getting burned up, you get that one for free,” he quipped. “After that, you’re Harrison Ford, crashing airplanes. You just want to keep your head down.” – – Yahoo News

Unfortunately, that’s not the end of Jay Leno’s woes.

Jay Leno‘s 30-year relationship with NBCUniversal looks like it’s coming to an end. According to the Hollywood Reporter, a source from CNBC stated that Jay Leno’s Garage will be cancelled. It appears to be part of a larger shift in programming for the network, one that will focus on reality shows and business programming.

Leno hosted the Tonight Show for 22-years, hosted the Jay Leno Show (briefly), and hosted Jay Leno’s Garage for seven seasons. This cancellation appears to be the final nail in his relationship with NBCUniversal after three decades.

There is no indication to suggest that the cancellation has anything to do with Leno’s accident(s).

On a personal note…

Jay, all of us at TFL Studios are big fans, and we hope you feel better (in every sense) soon.

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