Check Out This Magna LitGate – The Tailgate Can Be a Lighting Canvas!

Images: Magna

Magna builds and designs a variety of components for the automotive world, and the Magna LitGate may revolutionize automotive lighting – soon!

The Magna LitGate is a simple idea, with far-reaching potential. It may open up the whole vehicle to be light in a variety of ways. The LitGate embeds nearly invisible light elements within several plastic automotive components. Working with Idaho-based Rohinni, they developed thin-film micro and mini LEDs on flexible material as thin as a piece of paper. These elements can light up on command, and (when combined) they can produce a variety of lighting graphics.

The technology is applied to lightweight, recyclable thermoplastic liftgate, enabling design freedom for automakers. Check out the example below!

Magna LitGate with Breakthrough Lighting

One aspect of the Magna LitGate that could be interesting is the possible weight savings, and aerodynamic payoffs from this system. There would be no need for light housings, light covers, and fasteners, among other things. Itr may seem trivial, but saving a few pounds can help. Also, it has the potential to be totally seamless, which has the potential for aiding aerodynamics.

Not only can these lightning elements be used as marker and brake lights, they have the potential for a lot more. Imaging: lighting personalization, having a unique image pop up under certain circumstances. There is a lot of potential here; however, at least in the United States, the Magna LitGate would have to pass stringent Federal requirements. Stoplights, signals, markers and headlights have to conform to specific requirements set up by the Department of Transportation.

I have a feeling that being too expressive with lights will be a no-no.

Still, there is a lot of potential, including the aftermarket world.

Check out this product video!