This All-Season Tire Promises To Be ALMOST As Good As Bridgestone’s Blizzak Winter Tire: I Put It To The Test!

Roman and Tommy head to Bridgestone's Winter Driving School in Colorado

Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 winter tire vs Alenza AS Ultra all-season — Acura MDX

We have two Acura MDXs, with the same wheels, on the same ice-driving course.

The difference between the two SUVs here? One has a new Bridgestone all-season tire, while the other sports a dedicated winter tire — the Blizzak. Roman and Tommy had a winter blast here in Colorado — check out the results in the video below!

We know from past experience that both the Bridgestone Blizzak and Acura MDX are epic in the snow, but what about an Acura that’s equipped with an all-season tire? Bridgestone’s all-new Alenza AS Ultra is mounted on one car, while the other sports Bridgestone DM-V2 studless winter tire.

Bridgestone invited Roman and Tommy to Steamboat Springs, Colorado to sample each tire on the same car in the same alpine environment. The Bridgestone Winter Driving School is over 30-years-old, and more than 83,000 participants have graduated from the school. They have three unique tracks, each one has elevation changes, banked and off-camber turns and several unique traction opportunities.

Each vehicle comes equipped with Acura’s SH-AWD

Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) is Acura-speak for their advanced AWD system, which we’ve had a lot of experience with. Under normal driving conditions, it sends 90-percent of the power up front, and 10-percent to the rear wheels. Up to 70-percent of the torque can be directed to the rear wheels, when needed. The torque can then be applied to the outside rear wheel. This improves dry cornering ability, and works well in snow.

Even wearing all-season tires, the system works well in most low traction situations.

Given that this was a Bridgestone media event, they brought PR and technicians out to talk with us about their newest tire. They are fully aware that many consumers are not hip to swapping tires every winter. Many consumers simply want a tire that works year-round, but still need good performance in snow. That was the thought behind the design of the Alenza; it’s built with crossovers in mind.

The reputation of the Bridgestone DM-V2 studless winter tire speaks for itself. Made from a special rubber compound that allows it to be flexible in sub-zero conditions, it is the gold standard on the class. Aside from its compound, the blocks and tread-pattern allow it to adhere tightly to snowy, icy and combined surfaces.

Speaking from experience, the Blizzak is not happy in warm climates and dry racetracks.

In this video, Roman and Tommy put both tires, and both Acuras to the test!