The Cadillac InnerSpace Concept Is An Autonomous Home Theater On Wheels: CES 2022

Seriously — Big screens, couch-like seating and fully autonomous capability? You get the idea

Cadillac has a reputation for futuristic-looking concepts, but this one brings “fully autonomous mobility” to the table. (Images: Cadillac)

First remarks on the Cadillac InnerSpace around the TFL office amounted to “home theater on wheels”.

More from General Motors at this year’s CES, after the Equinox EV, Blazer EV and Silverado EV. Electric is the hot-button topic throughout the industry these days, but this concept looks farther into the future of autonomous cars that look like personalized capsules. Meet the Cadillac InnerSpace: part road-going starship, part home theater.

It’s part of Cadillac’s “Halo Concept Portfolio”, which expands on the “PersonalSpace” and “SocialSpace” concepts it unveiled last year. These cars are, per GM executive director Brian Nesbitt, “visions for the next decade and beyond”. They’re meant to show the automaker’s approach to autonomous drive technology, with the tagline of “zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestion”. To that end, we’re getting vehicles that look properly out of science fiction, with the Cadillac InnerSpace carrying a somewhat angular front end giving way to just two doors and a large boattail-like rear end. Plus those huge wheels are a nice touch — they’re even wrapped in tires constructed with soybean oil and rice husk-based silica in place of petroleum-based oil.

Cadillac InnerSpace concept

Popping open the doors and roof together reveal the lounge-focused interior, complete with two-person seating and a massive LED display. The seats also pivot outward making it easier to enter and exit the vehicle, and since there’s no steering wheel, there’s a huge amount of room to settle in and get comfortable for the journey.

What about AI and biometrics? Yep, you get that here too, so you can tailor the experience just so. You can choose from augmented reality, entertainment and wellness themes to hone in what you’d like from that display. Cadillac’s engineers (and authorized third parties) can even beam over new themes and features over-the-air.

The Cadillac InnerSpace rides on GM’s electric Ultium Platform, though the battery modules here are spread throughout the vehicle. That allows for more interior space over a more monolithic setup, especially with the low-profile floor. Since this is just a concept — though arguably not as far-out as last year’s “Halo” reveals, it remains to be seen exactly what, if anything, from this car will eventually make it into production. Still, some folks will undoubtedly appreciate the chance to sit back and relax, letting the car take care of the driving when the technology is ready for primetime.

Until then, Cadillac is still forging ahead with EVs like the Lyriq shown below: