Bronco Update — Ford Delays Some Hardtop Deliveries, This Time Until 2023 Model Year: News

Ford Bronco buyers ordering their SUVs with black, contrasting white or body color hardtops will have to wait even longer to see their deliveries. (Images: Ford)

Chalk up one more delay with some new Ford Bronco models.

This isn’t the first time Ford’s faced a bottleneck with suppliers on getting hardtops for its new Bronco SUV. Now, though, the wait for some owners will stretch out even longer, as a Bronco6G forum user shared an official email from the automaker Friday, celebrating Bronco serial production but also acknowledging further delays.

“Additionally, for the 2022 model (where hardtops were already delayed), hardtop roof timing has taken another hit: our black, contrasting white, body color painted modular, and dual roof tops will now arrive in the 2023 model year. Until then, we can offer the carbonized gray molded in color hardtop as the only hardtop option for 2 and 4-door Broncos.” (Editor note: emphasis added.) Beyond the statement, dealer FAQs also lay out the timeline for hardtop roof options:

What roof options are available Broncos? See attached Updated Bronco Roof Options guide for a breakdown of each roof option, also available within the Bronco Dashboard → Additional Resources → Vehicle Information.

  • 2-door Broncos (only available with hardtop roofs):
    • 2021 & 2022MY – Carbonized gray Molded in Color (MIC)
    • 2023MY – Carbonized gray Molded in Color (MIC), Black Modular, contrasting white modular, and body color painted modular
  • 4-door Broncos:
    • 2021 & 2022MY – Carbonized gray Molded in Color (MIC), Black Cloth Soft Top
    • 2023MY – Carbonized gray Molded in Color (MIC), Black Cloth Soft Top, Black Modular, contrasting white modular, and body color painted modular, Dual top options

Shifting production plans

Ford says, per the dealer email, that it’s working diligently to sort the hardtop issue. As a result, the automaker is shifting its production allocation from 80% hardtop and 20% soft top to something more like 60% hardtop and 40% soft tops. “Our roof supplier is doing this by focusing all efforts on producing as many molded in color (MIC) hardtops as possible. The other versions of the top will come late next year. Our goal is to build as many customer Broncos at the highest quality this year,” the FAQs read.

2021 Ford Bronco production
Right now, carbonized gray MIC hardtops (shown here) are what’s making it out to the assembly line, while suppliers scramble to get the other options out for certain Bronco orders.

When will Model Year 2023 Broncos actually see production?

The hardtop revelation is once again bad news for owners who wanted anything outside the carbonized gray hardtop. Further down, Ford says at this point that 2023 model Broncos will go into production in late 2022. Ford encourages order holders to contact their dealer directly with any questions, or contact the Bronco Support Team at (800) 334-4375.

In the meantime, Ford’s also offering some concessions to assuage frustrated owners. One effort is “Price Protection Extension” through the 2023 model year. If you have an order or reservation as of March 19, 2021, you should not see a price increase if you ultimately receive a 2023 Ford Bronco as a result of ongoing production delays.

If you no longer want to wait for a hardtop, Ford also announced that 4-door soft top models will include the “hardtop prep kit” at no extra charge. That move encourages owners to order a soft top now, then purchase a hardtop later when the one they want should actually be available. Right now, Ford says hardtop roofs will be available for standalone purchase in calendar year 2023. Officially, Ford told both TFL and reservation holders that it will notify them as their vehicles move closer to production and delivery. Thanks to the ongoing supplier issues, though, when certain hardtop owners will actually see their vehicles is more or less a mystery.

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