YOUR 2021 Ford Bronco Questions Answered: Here’s What You Want To Know!

YOUR 2021 Ford Bronco Questions Answered: Here's What You Want To Know!
We’ve had a whole week of content with the new Ford Bronco, and now we’re answering your direct questions! (Image: TFLcar)

It’s time to answer your questions on the new Bronco!

Bronco Week is coming to a close on the TFLcar channel, and we’ve put out four different videos since Monday going hands on with the brand new 2021 Ford Bronco. In case you missed it, here are those videos so far:

Now, it’s time to answer your questions. In the video below, Tommy and Andre collate some of the most common questions you had for us — most of them having to do with what it’s like to actually live with and drive Ford’s new Jeep Wrangler fighter. Those include questions on Ford’s different 4×4 systems, engines and transmission options for a start.

Beyond that, there’s also the matter of how exactly you remove the doors and the top, like you can with the Jeep Wrangler. What about cargo and interior space? Are the interior materials any good? Ford markets over 200 accessories for the new Bronco — what are some of the highlights? Finally, we touch on a nifty off-road feature: removing the fender flares, which is actually a fairly straightforward process.

Check out the video below for our answers to your questions. If you’ve been waiting for driving impressions — both on and off the road — we can’t discuss them just yet. Those videos are coming Monday, June 28th, so stay tuned to TFLcar and TFLoffroad for both the driving videos we have coming!