The W12-Powered Bentley Contintental GT Speed Is Still Kicking — And It Just Got Faster: News

Power figures aren't on another planet from the old one, but there are some cool changes

Bentley Continental GT Speed
The Bentley Continental GT is quick even in standard form, but this new Speed continues to push the coupe’s limits. (Photos: Bentley)

650 horsepower and 664 lb-ft of torque? Sounds great!

Most automakers are doling out one last hurrah for big-engined, hugely powerful coupes, and Bentley is no exception. Make no mistake, the brand will electrify its offerings in the next decade. Before that, though, they evidently saw fit to eke a bit more speed out of the aptly-named Continental GT Speed.

Granted, it is only a bit, so don’t expect the heavyweight coupe to outpace any supercars. You do still get the hallmark twin-turbo 6.0-liter W12 engine. This time, Bentley’s team tuned it up to crank out 650 horsepower. That’s 24 horsepower the old Speed didn’t have, but the 664 lb-ft torque figure remains the same. Top speed for the gentleman’s racer increases slightly to 208 mph, while acceleration time decreases to 3.5 second (a tenth of a second quicker than before).

So, on paper the Bentley Continental GT Speed isn’t that much faster than before. That said, more power isn’t all you’re getting in this package. Rear-wheel steering is now a feature, a first for the long-running coupe model, as is an electronically controlled, torque-vectoring rear differential. Carbon-ceramic brakes are also an option, which not only offer up better stopping power but shave off a helpful 72 pounds (33 kilograms) of weight. Air springs, a Dynamic Ride system, and a much faster-shifting 8-speed automatic transmission ought to make the GT Speed feel even more like a sports car than the old version.

The Bentley Continental GT Speed gets an even more outrageous, red-accented interior (by Bentley standards, at least) with more carbon fiber, microfiber fabric and diamond-quilted seats. Official pricing isn’t available just yet, but don’t expect the GT Speed to leave any change from $275,000. The new model will go on sale later this year.